Participant Profile

The International Summer Program is open to applications from international professionals as well as graduate and undergraduate students of Social Sciences and Humanities whose work is related to Mexican and Latin American studies.

Prospective students will be chosen after a rigorous selection process taking into consideration academic achievement, social responsibility, professional experience, motivations for applying, and the importance of their participation in the Program for their future academic and professional careers.

Admission Requirements

In order to be considered for admission to the Program, prospective students must complete the application form and send the following documents in English and in ONE PDF file:

  1. Certificate or diploma of the last degree obtained, showing final grades.
  2. Brief résumé (up to 2 pages).
  3. Cover letter describing their motivations and the relevance of their participation in the Program for their future academic and professional career (up to 2 pages).
  4. One recommendation letter for enrolment on the Program.

Application Process

Students must send their application forms and PDF documents in English by email at the following address:

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Successful candidates

Successful candidates will be notified by email and must confirm their participation in the Program within five days of receiving their acceptance email

Program Fees

Students applying to enroll on the Program through a student exchange agreement between their University and El Colegio de México will be able to apply for a scholarship to pay the program fees (we only have the capacity to grant two 50% scholarships to each university).

Students enrolling without any such agreement must pay a fee of:

US$750 dollars (seven hundred fifty U.S. Dollars).

However, when paying before May 19, students will be granted a US$50 (fifty U.S Dollars) reduction on the program fee*.

In every case, all our students must cover all expenses associated with meals, accommodation and travel**.

* This type of students, applying without a scholarship’s agreement, will be granted a $50 USD (fifty U.S dollars) reduction on the program fee when paying before May 19.

** The Program will provide a list of external accommodation options that students may choose to contact at their own responsibility.

*300 characters max.