Should the letter of recommendation be written by someone from my institution or by a professor from El Colegio de México?

The recommendation letter must be written by a professor from your institution.

In which language should the recommendation letter be written?

It can be written either in English or Spanish.

Do I need to present a language certificate to apply?

No, it is not necessary, but we recommend to have some knowledge of English or Spanish, because some of the courses will be offered in those languages.

Are there additional costs for extracurricular activities?

No, they are already included in the total cost of the program.

How will the hybrid format be handled?

It will depend on the organization between the professor and the students. Nevertheless, it will be notified in advance if classes will be held face-to-face (at El Colegio de México), virtually, or a combination of both formats. Please notice it will all depend on the evolution of the pandemic and the recommendations of the health authorities in Mexico City.

If for health reasons, I stop attending classes (virtual / face-to-face), should I drop out?

First, you must notify the professor so we can analyze your case and the whole situation. It is not necessary to drop out immediately.

How long does it take to have my transcript of records?

It will take from 4 to 6 weeks after the end of the program.

If I want to receive the hard copy of my transcript, are there additional costs?

No. First we will send it to you by email and in case you want/need the hard copy we will ask your address, phone number and references. You can also visit El Colegio de México so we can handle the document personally (don’t forget to make an appointment!).

The first delivery is free of charge.

Does El Colegio de México make the transfer of credits with other institutions?

No, we strongly recommend that all our students contact the Academic Office of their home institution for more details about their respective universities credit transfer requirements.

Does the certificate or diploma of the last degree obtained must have an authorized translation?

It is not necessary to have an authorized translation, just a simple one in English/Spanish and send it with the original document.


Does El Colegio de México have a place to stay during the International Summer Program? 

No, the prospective students must look for accommodation, it is independent from our faculty.