About the

International Summer Program


The International Summer Program was created to enhance exchange agreements between El Colegio de México and various worldwide universities, and to help raise the profile of Latin American and Mexican Studies around the world.

The Program will be taught almost entirely in English and its curriculum focuses on the study of Mexican and Latin American realities as approached by the faculty at El Colegio de México. Additionally, students on the program will attend Spanish language classes and extracurricular cultural activities.

Courses and professors

The International Summer Program 2023 will offer the following courses:

Linguistics and Literature

An Introduction to Lexicology and Lexicography in Mexican Spanish  Alfonso Medina Urrea, Erik Franco and Niktelol Palacios
Diversidad Lingüística de México (course in Spanish)  Esther Herrera
Life in Mexico during the Nineteenth Century. An overview through the chronicle  Dulce María Adame

History and Politics

Brief History of the Inquisition: Representations and myths  Gabriel Torres Puga
Drug trafficking and organized crime in Mexico and Colombia: two cases of the history and politics of international drug control  Mónica Serrano
Ethno-Religious Conflicts and Violence in the Modern Muslim  Kamal Soleimani
Mexico and India. A Brief History of Cultural Exchange  Adrián Muñoz and Roberto E. García
Power and Organized Crime: Comparative Perspective of Security and Criminal Governance  Rodrigo Peña González


Varieties of Capitalism in Latin America  Ilan Bizberg
Ideas and History in Mexico Humberto Beck
International Trade: Theory and the Mexican Case  Julen Berasaluce


Climate Policy in a world in crisis. From Paris to Glasgow, a view from the South  Ana de Luca and José Luis Lezama

Latin American Culture and Spanish Language

In addition to the academic courses, students will be offered Spanish language classes. The following levels are offered, based on the individual needs of students.

Basic (A2)

For students with some background knowledge of Spanish, this level will equip students with the skills to understand everyday phrases and expressions related to their immediate environment, to talk about simple tasks, and exchange relevant information about their basic needs.

Intermediate (B1)

For those who have taken at least 150 hours of lessons in Spanish as a foreign language, this level will equip students with the skills to understand most everyday situations and to express themselves in a simple way about familiar topics whenever needed, as well as to talk about their areas of interest and experiences.


Those enrolled on the International Summer Program will receive a certificate of attendance and a grade report confirming only passing scores (8 or above in a 10 point scale).

The attendance certificate will show the total hours/lessons.

We will provide advice regarding credit transfer as required, but we strongly recommend that all our students contact the academic office of their home institution for more details about their respective universities credit transfer requirements.